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    As you can hear in the clip (I am the guy with the irritating voice) I have been waiting so very long to catch this on video. Every day at my office, we are treated to this show during her lunch break. Not just around the car, but up the sidewalk, into the building, and down the hall. Go ahead and laugh, but think, are you this happy at your job, or life in general that you really do dance like nobody is watching? Nope, me either.

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    I may have just wet myself… check this out while I go change my pants


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    My hero! Faith Restored.View Post

    My hero! Faith Restored.

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    The LEGO Gauntlet of West Virginia!Screw hot coals, try walking on THIS ya pansy! 

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    The LEGO Gauntlet of West Virginia!

    Screw hot coals, try walking on THIS ya pansy!


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    Jammin: Saturday Edition


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    And the scene will never be the same again


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    Some men just want to watch the world burn

    This is just plain evil. Can’t some superhero do something about this guy?!


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    Marvin Be Jammin’!For fans of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxymovie, this joke will make sense. The rest of you…View Post

    Marvin Be Jammin’!

    For fans of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxymovie, this joke will make sense. The rest of you…

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    And why do we fall, Bruce? #WEareBATMAN

    Anyone who says comic books are silly nonsense has obviously never read and understood them. And that is fine, not everyone has to be a fan. Sports are full of strength and silliness too, but I am not a fan. And that is ok too. Still, as a comic book fan,…

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    HEEHEE!: Local Support Edition

    Living in San Antonio Texas, I have to toss this out there to give some local support to my city. Go roadrunners!


    And the behind the scenes video…


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